«Difficult visual challenge: Find the 4 hidden crabs in less than 11 seconds, only 1% succeed.»

«If you think you’re a true expert in quizzes and visual puzzles, you absolutely must try to solve today’s challenge.

In the image below, you’ll find many lobsters drawn.

In fact, among them hide 4 crabs.

If you manage to find them in less than 11 seconds, then you can consider yourself a true phenomenon.

The visual puzzle presented today was created by the famous illustrator Gergely Dudás, a prominent figure in the field.

On his Instagram profile, you can find a multitude of challenges and games of this kind, including the one with the crabs.

Focus and carefully observe the entire image. Where are the 4 crabs hidden?

If you manage to spot them in less than 11 seconds, you truly have an infallible vision.

The only way to improve mental abilities is to constantly train and practice different types of quizzes and puzzles.

This is how brain activity develops.

It’s not easy at all to solve this visual puzzle. The lobster drawings can be confusing because they all look alike and have the same color as the crabs.

Finding them is a challenge for many. We suggest you carefully observe the photo and focus on the shape of the crabs.

Indeed, the lobster is more elongated, while the crab has a rounder shape.

Try again to look carefully at the image and identify the 4 adorable crabs.

If you want to discover the solution, look below and you’ll find it.

The 4 crabs were well hidden from one side to the other.

They were well highlighted, and as you can see, the only difference with the lobsters lies in their shape.

It wasn’t an easy challenge to overcome. However, keep practicing with new games and intelligence challenges.»

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