«Discover where the hidden chicken is. Only 2% of people see it.»

The visual puzzle image of today presents a scene of farm animals spending their time outdoors. There’s a cow, a pig, and some chicks. But in reality, there’s also a chicken present, but not everyone can see it.

If you can quickly locate where the hidden animal might be, you have exceptional vision. However, know that only 2% of the people who tried this challenge managed to solve it.

Challenge yourselves and your visual abilities: find the perfectly hidden chicken among the other animals in this rural scene. If you can spot it quickly, you belong to that 2% of people who managed to solve the puzzle. This type of challenge is useful for stimulating one’s powers of observation and attention to detail. Look carefully at the proposed image and try to figure out where it might be hiding.

If it’s your first time trying tests and skill games, this particular one might seem particularly difficult. Even though we must admit this quiz, in particular, has a high level of difficulty. Only good training and constant practice can improve your problem-solving abilities.

Have you figured out where the chicken is hiding? If you found it, you truly have a remarkable vision. If, however, you have no idea where it might be, it’s time to show you its location.

Look below and you’ll understand where it was hidden. Keep practicing and training your mind to solve the next challenges more easily.

Solution: Here’s where the chicken is

Indeed, the chicken was at the bottom of the image. It was that tiny little dot circled in white. If you enjoyed this challenge, share it with people you know to test their skills.

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