Dog adopted an orphaned opossum 3 years ago, she still carries him on her back

Opossums are nocturnal animals. These predators eat bugs, snakes and mice. These guys have a sanitary function, and they have a good influence on the environment.

In fact, we rarely see them because of the nightlife they have. Unfortunately, due to their activity at night, they are at risk of being hit by cars. Sadly, that is what happened in this story.

After the car accident, the mother opossum died but her baby stays alive. Rescuers decide to take the orphaned baby to a shelter.

They introduce the baby to the white German Shepherd named Hantu that didn’t have babies of her own.

Thankfully, the affectionate dog accepted the little creature and cared about her like her own baby. Poncho herself also liked the surrogate mother.

When people see these two together, they get smiley because of the strong bond that exists between too different species.

They are indeed the most adorable pair. Since her childhood Poncho is used to cling to her mama’s back everywhere they go.

Now the opossum is much bigger after three years but she still likes climbing on her mom’s back. These two enjoy their calm life.

Loneliness is such a bad disease, and it’s so cool that animals find friends without considering the species.

They are so cute together. Hantu and Poncho inspire us to love life and appreciate our friends!

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