During a walk the dog noticed her twin and was able to convince the owner to take him home

If you saw a creature very similar to you, then most likely you would have made an attempt to get to know each other and talk. Animals, however, are in no way inferior to us in this desire, as evidenced by this story.

Bethany Colman was walking with her dog named Rogue. Suddenly, they caught the eye of a dog that outwardly was an exact copy of Rogue. It was impossible not to pay attention to such a coincidence and she decided to stop and take a closer look at the stranger.

The dog Beest was walking at a farmer’s market, where volunteers organized a fair for shelter pets to help them find owners.

Beest and Rogue were hard to distinguish apart and the only difference was the gender difference. Bethany did not plan to get a second dog, however, since she saw Beest, her plans have changed.

She immediately fell in love with this dog, and Rogue obviously had no desire to part with her double. They just sniffed each other and immediately became friends.

Now, together with Bethany and her fiancé live two dogs outwardly similar to each other. Rogue immediately adapted to life in the new house and then the couple also adopted two cats, who, after some period of misunderstanding, also became friends with dogs.

As Beest grew, he became quite plump and Rogue remained thin and it is quite easy to distinguish them from each other by this difference.

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