Elephant brought her cub to the reserve, where her life was saved

The elephant was sure that the workers of the reserve would not leave her cub in trouble. Wild animals are usually forever attached to the people who once saved their lives, and this heartbreaking story once again confirms this.

Even 15 years ago, employees of the Kenyan Wild Animal Welfare Fund were able to save a little elephant, who was orphaned. She almost lost her life from starvation and could hardly stand on her feet. The baby was given the nickname Loijuk.

She lived in the reserve until she got stronger, and then she was released into her natural habitat.

Many years have passed since then, but the grateful elephant did not forget her saviors. She visited the reserve every month to see people. Recently, she came to the reserve again, but not alone, but to share the happy news for herself with her friends — just a couple of hours ago she became the mother of a baby elephant.

Now the mother and her cub Lily (the zoo staff gave her such a nickname) immediately visited the director of the reserve, Benjamin Kialo. Loydzhuk allowed him to caress the baby and breathe into her proboscis, just like that, by smell, elephants adapt to people.

After they met, the elephant left, but not far. She was more comfortable on the territory of the reserve and now the workers have the opportunity to observe the life of the mother and cub, as well as feed them.

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