Even the doctors didn’t believe that this emaciated dog would survive: his strength was barely sufficient to breathe.

The incident took place in the Spanish town of Granada. A dog that outwardly resembled a skeleton covered with skin came into the attention of a group of volunteers.

His long limbs, elongated nose, ears, and tail indicated that he belonged to a large breed, but very little of his original appearance remained.

Prominent ribs indicated his prolonged starvation. The dog weighed only 7.5 kg, which is incredibly low for a dog of his size.

This dog was not just weak; he was on the brink of disappearing. After an examination, specialists concluded that due to prolonged malnutrition, irreversible processes had started in his body, and his organs would start failing one by one.

It seemed that there was no way to save the dog.

However, the team of volunteers was determined to fight for this animal’s life. With the help of veterinarians, they began the long journey to his recovery. The dog’s condition fluctuated: sometimes it improved, sometimes it worsened.

The dog seemed to have accepted its fate peacefully and was preparing for the end. But the unceasing care and efforts of people day by day gave him a chance for recovery.

Two months later, a healthy, cheerful dog stood before them, full of gratitude to those who helped him return to life.

Huge thanks to these compassionate individuals for not leaving the dog in distress!

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