Fenrir, a Savannah cat, is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest living domestic cat in the world

A Michigan resident is no stranger to owning some of the largest pets in the world.

His previous cats, who tragically died in a house fire, hold the titles of the tallest cat in the world and the cat with the longest tail. And now two of the current cats have won the titles of the largest living cat by height and tail length.

Fenrir Antares Powers, a savannah cat and brother of previous record holder Arcturus, stands at an incredible 18.83 inches.

Will Powers, who owns the cats, told Guinness World Records he adopted Fenrir when he was 12 weeks old.

Fenrir is less than three years old, and Powers believes he may surpass his late brother.
“Sometimes people see him and think he’s a small panther, a puma, or an ocelot,” he said.

But Powers explains to people Fenrir is anything but scary.

“This can actually scare people and they back away from him in fear, but once I explain that he’s a therapy cat and very friendly, people are thrilled to walk up to him.”

Powers is a physician and HIV specialist.The Savannah cat helps patients relax during what can be a difficult appointment.

And not only Fenrir owns the Guinness Book of Records. One of Powers’ other cats, Altair Cygnus Powers, a Maine Coon, won the title of the longest tail on a living domestic cat.

Altair’s tail is 16.07 inches long, just over an inch shorter than the previous record holder, Cygnus, whose tail measured 17.58 inches.

But it is possible that Altair’s tail will surpass that of his siblings as Maine Coons continue to grow until they are five years old.

“For someone so obsessed with their cats to have not one, not two, but four Guinness World Records title holding animals in one lifetime is a bit surreal isn’t it,” Powers said.

He hopes his cats and their records will bring attention to hybrid breeds and cat shelters in the Detroit area.

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