Find in this picture the 3 very serious errors in 7 seconds: Only a few have succeeded.

A new visual puzzle is becoming increasingly viral on social media. It’s an image that appears correct at first glance, but in reality hides three quite serious errors.

If you can recognize them in just 7 seconds, you have a logical mind.

Solving this type of challenge requires reasoning based on deductions and careful observation of an image to figure out what stands out from the rest of the picture.

In the image presented today, three serious errors are concealed.

Examine the photo above carefully and try to find them in just 7 seconds.

The photo depicts a scene showing a work meeting.

This can be recognized by the environment in which the depiction takes place.

The people are dressed in office attire, some are sitting around a table, while two others are standing.

But something is wrong with the picture.

There are three very serious errors that make the depiction incorrect. Where are they?

Try to activate logical deductive thinking to identify the errors present in the image.

An attentive observation of the scene is also required to notice incongruent details.

However, you must not exceed the 7-second time limit, otherwise, the test will be considered invalid.

Nevertheless, try to think rationally, and even if the 7 seconds have passed, practice stimulating the mind and brain activity.

This way, you will improve your intellectual abilities.

If you want to know where these errors are, simply look at the solution below, and you will find the faulty details circled in red.

Now that you have seen the solution, continue testing your intellectual and visual skills.

Through continuous practice, you will achieve improvements and be able to solve the upcoming challenges independently.

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