Find the differences, there are 4 between these two images, the best find them in 20 seconds.

Do you think you have excellent vision and can find all the differences? This is the test that will immediately put you to the test.

Visual tests give people the opportunity to challenge their abilities, and also their friends, in solving the test itself, putting their skills into play and questioning them.

If you also think you have excellent vision and can notice all the details and differences, this is the test for you: all you have to do is observe the two images above and look for the four differences. Although it may seem like a simple game, it’s made more complex by the time limit, as you’ll have a maximum of 20 seconds to complete the test. I suggest you set a timer so you don’t exceed it, and only once it’s finished can you continue reading to find the results of the test and compare them.

The protagonist of this test is the drawing of a sweet girl celebrating her birthday in front of a delicious cake. Just looking at this image makes you want to eat a dessert and celebrate your birthday with friends and family.

Returning to the actual test, if the 20 seconds have already passed, below you’ll find the list of the four differences present:

• The flame: observing the background of the two images, you can notice many suspended flames, and if you look at those just above the girl’s left hand, you’ll see that in the first image there are four, while in the second one is missing.

• The hair: looking at the right side of the girl’s head, you can see that in the first image there are strands that are missing in the second one.

• The candle: among the various candles on the cake, in the first image they are all lit, while in the second one, candle number 2 does not have a flame.

• The lid: finally, looking at the rightmost part of the drawing, you can see that on the table there’s a jar with a red knob, while in the second image, the knob to open the lid is completely absent.

And how many differences did you notice? If you didn’t manage to notice all the differences, don’t worry: you’ll have many more chances to put yourself to the test.

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