«Find the hidden elephant in the image and see how quickly you can.»

«Find the hidden elephant in the image and see how quickly you can.

Recently, people have been interested in tests involving elephants.

And it’s not surprising because such a large animal deserves such attention. But more on that later.

At the same time, we will tell you what you need to do to perfectly succeed in this test.

In front of you is an old painting with an ostrich on it. It is very sad because it cannot find its elephant friend.

Let’s help them meet and find the elephant in the picture. We are sure that your perception will not let you down.

Did you know that elephants are very intelligent animals?

For example, elephants can recognize themselves in a mirror. Scientists believe this is a sign of greater self-awareness.

In a study, an Asian elephant named Happy touched an ‘X’ painted on its forehead while looking in a mirror. This showed that it knew it was looking at its reflection.

Well, if you have already found the elephant and helped the ostrich meet it, write in the comments where you see it in the photo.

We believe in you and wish you good luck, which you will certainly need to pass this test.»

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