«Find the huge mistake in this picture!»

And here we have another delightful picture puzzle for you and your team.

Ready to dive in? Take a look at the image below and see if you can identify the big mistake!

The scene unfolds in a park where people are relaxing: a woman on a bench, a couple strolling, another woman with music and her playful dog. There’s a serene river and a few buildings in the background.

But can you spot the big mistake?

If you’ve spotted the mistake, congratulations! You’re among the fortunate few who got it right away.

If the hunt continues, feel free to scroll down for the answer, but only after giving it your best shot. Perhaps close your eyes or briefly look away before returning to the image with a fresh perspective.

Want to add a twist?

Involve your friends or family and turn it into a group activity for even more fun!

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