«Find the mistake in this photo!»

«Visual puzzles can spark debates, and your mission is to solve them by identifying a significant mistake.

If you excel at spotting small details that often escape others, you’re ready for a challenge.

We have prepared two visual puzzles to solve by identifying unwanted elements.

IQ, short for Intelligence Quotient, measures a person’s reasoning ability.

Many educational institutions use exams similar to IQ tests for student selection.

Ready to put your observation skills to the test?

Get ready for a delicate challenge with these spot-the-difference photos; it’s a treat!

Let’s start with a careful examination of the image below.

It features a young couple relaxing by the pool while enjoying cocktails.

The guy, sporting long hair and an orange swimsuit, beams with a broad smile while looking at his companion.

On the other hand, the short-haired blonde girl in a red swimsuit casually sips her drink, pretending to enjoy her friend’s jokes.

Can you spot the giant mistake in this scene?

Take a closer look, and let’s solve this visual puzzle together!»

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