Find the rabbit in less than 10 seconds and prove you’re a genius.

Today we present a new visual test to challenge your cognitive abilities. You must pay attention to every detail to find the rabbit hidden skillfully by the illustrator.

Like with other games of this type, you’ll enjoy finding the requested element by sharpening your sight and putting your concentration skills to the test. So don’t get distracted and start the timer: you only have 10 seconds!

To find the rabbit, you need to observe the drawing as a whole, carefully look at the various shades of color, and observe all the elements that make up the landscape: sky, clouds, houses, trees. Try to notice even the nuances of color and shadows.

The best strategy is to be meticulous and methodical and have excellent powers of observation. Visual tests are excellent training for our brain faculties and stimulate areas of the brain that we often neglect. These puzzles often confuse our minds by presenting numerous details that divert our attention from the sought-after element.

If you managed to find the rabbit in less than 10 seconds, you have excellent observation skills and a significant visual acumen. You are inclined to scrutinize an image as a whole and identify hidden details. You probably belong to that 2% of the population with a high IQ.

If, on the other hand, you didn’t find it easily, don’t worry because the next image contains the solution to the puzzle. You need to train your mind to examine the details and not be distracted by elements that can confuse our objective perception.

Thoroughly analyzing a drawing strengthens our neural connections and is excellent nourishment for our minds, a bit like nuts for our metabolism. So, have fun with other visual games and keep your brain in shape, which is often neglected by the demands of daily routine.

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