Four-legged hero. Golden retriever rescued drowning marmot and rolled him on his back

This golden retriever named Wally, who lives in Massachusetts, deserves the title of a true hero. He saw a marmot drowning in the lake and managed to deliver the animal to the shore.

His owner Lauren Russell took the dog for a swim, as the golden retriever is very fond of water and can not get out of it for hours.

It was there that he noticed a tiny groundhog that was floundering in the water and could drown. The animal immediately jumped on its back and swam to the shore thanks to its savior. Lauren says that they were in shock and could not believe their own eyes.

The woman shared that her dog was always very friendly and always ready to help those who need it. But she had never seen such a groundhog riding on the back of a dog. When the animals had already parted and each went their own way, they even portrayed something like a kiss, touching each other’s muzzles.

Note that golden retrievers are considered one of the kindest and friendliest breeds of dogs that get along well with both children and animals of other species, sometimes the most unexpected.

There are quite a few cases when retrievers rescued other abandoned puppies, as well as kittens, various types of rodents, deer, and this time our hero managed to save a marmot.

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