«Friendship between families: in a Belgian zoo, a family of orangutans forms a friendship with a family of otters.»

While in the world, some people argue with their neighbors over land, noisy dogs, or trash bins, wild animals, on the contrary, learn to live in peace and harmony.

Mathieu Goedefroy, an employee of the Belgian zoo Pairi Daiza, posted on social media some unusual photos showing how the orangutan family befriended the family of small-clawed Asian otters and eventually became neighbors in the same enclosure.

Generally, for animals to develop normally, they need not only proper care and food but also physical activity. Moreover, orangutans need a «spacious dwelling.» That’s why the zoo staff set up various obstacles and simulators to prevent the animals from getting bored.

In order to add more realism and create conditions similar to natural ones, the zoo employees also created a stream that flows through the otters’ enclosure. If both families decided to live together, they had all the possibilities for it; otherwise, the otters could simply swim across the orangutans’ territory.

But what happened exceeded all expectations. The monkeys liked their new neighbors so much that they started playing with them. If the young orangutan Berani loves to run, play, and hide like a child, then his father, Oujyan, has become a true otter trainer.

He organizes games and contests for them – something that humans find difficult to comprehend. What is evident is that both families show an incredible interest in each other and never quarrel.

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