German sheep dog with congenital dwarfism is still the most beloved for their owners

Meet this puppy named Mikigus .It a very tiny sheep dog, which stood out in the litter for its incredibly small size. It was more difficult for him than for the others, because he was diagnosed with achondroplasia or more simply dwarfism.

However, this peculiarity doesn’t prevent him from living a completely ordinary dog life, which was provided to him by the mother and father of the shepherd, as well as very caring owners.

He lives in a family in a small town in Tennessee with his dad and mom Temperance and Spartak. At first he was quite an ordinary puppy, and only at the age of one and a half months it became clear to the owners that the paws did not grow in the crumbs.

And already at the age of four months, the veterinarian confirmed the diagnosis. Dwarfism was accompanied by many concomitant illness, and the owners were very worried that his life would become a real struggle because dwarfism led to bone deformity.

And when Mikigus was six months old, he couldn’t even walk. But this did not become a reason for abandoning the pet. They bought him a special miniature stroller, where they walk him, and even mom and dad entertained and cheered him up.

And to reduce pain in the limbs,they were applied ice cubes with which he loved to play. The owner is sure that this little dog is the best in the world and her children understand by his example that there is no difference who to love if these feelings are sincere.

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