German Shepherd spent 11 hours in the cold ocean to save his owner

German Shepherd Heidi, who lives in Australia, saved the life of her 63-year-old owner. A man rolled over on a boat near the coast. At first, the faithful dog supported her to the best of her ability, and then began to swim for help.

A local fisherman found an exhausted dog and lifted it onto his boat. However, Heidi, despite the fact that she was already completely exhausted, again rushed into the water and called the man behind her. The fisherman took the dog to the veterinary clinic and he contacted the rescue services to find out how the dog ended up in the ocean.

A helicopter was urgently sent to this area with a group of rescuers on board, and very soon there was found a wetsuit with tackle and a fishing box . Then they found the owner of all this stuff -alive! He was already exhausted, but he held on to the overturned boat.

At first the dog was with him but then he swam away to call for help. Now both the fisherman and his dog are in perfect order of their life and health, nothing threatens them. And the town police made Heidi an honorary police dog for a day. She was very proud and pleased with the «title» and spent the day with dignity.

The owner, Heidi, didn’t even doubt the fidelity and devotion of the pet, and now the dog is his real talisman and guiding star. As you can see, animals can sometimes show miracles of loyalty and dedication.

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