Golden retriever puppy saved the life of a little kitten, brought him home and became his brother

The little stray cat no longer hoped to find a loving heart that would shelter him.And suddenly help arrived, quite unexpectedly, a golden retriever helped him.

This amazing story was shared on a social network and touched the hearts of millions of users.

At first, many were horrified by they saw. Users, seeing how a heavy dog drags a tiny kitten in its mouth, thought about the worst. But it turned out that the dog brought the foundling home to his owners and they simply could not refuse their pet, especially since the cat looked very cute and so helpless.

On the footage you can see that the newly-made owners feed the white fluffy from a bottle.And after the baby was fed, bathed and warmed, he became a real handsome man.

Over time, the cat and the puppy became even more friendly. They spend a lot of time together, take a bath, eat, cuddle and play and it’s just an amazing sight.

Have you seen such touching examples of friendship between a cat and a dog. Write about it in the comments.

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