Grandfather was disappointed in life, but his granddaughter’s fluffy gift returned him joy

Before a red cat entered the life of this 95-year-old retiree from Japan, his days were filled with melancholy and grayness. His family assures him that they have long forgotten how his grandfather smiles, however, more recently his life has changed.

Meet this incredibly charming couple of Japanese pensioner Gigi and his cat Kinako. Gigi loved to work all his life and for more than 60 years of experience hasn’t missed a single working day.

And when he retired, he lost the incentive to live, became sad and irritable because of every little thing. And then the pensioner’s granddaughter came up with a wonderful idea-to give her grandfather a cat that would become his friend.

Kinako turned out to be an incredibly affectionate and charming purr and seemed to breathe new life into the tired old man. He became very attached to his master and didn’t want to part with him for a second.

And he took care of the pets as far as possible and felt responsible for him. The cat became his faithful friend.They spend long days together.The old man thinks about something of his own, and his fluffy red friend lies nearby, as if understanding everything.

The granddaughter took many pictures of her grandfather and his friend and published them on her page on the social network.Their story became known all over the world, causing emotions of users.

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