Groundhog eats farmer’s crop in front of his security camera

If you’re a gardener or farmer, it can sometimes feel like the local wildlife is out to get you. That was what Permar felt when a groundhog stole his crop and ate it in front of his security camera.

For years, gardening had been easy for Jeff Permar. But in 2022, he noticed that some of his vegetables were missing. So, he decided to install a security camera to catch his thief in the act.

The first time the groundhog stood in front of the camera while he ate, Permar thought it was a happy accident. But the second time the farmer knew that this eccentric groundhog wanted to be seen eating his crops.

By the third time, Permar knew he needed to do something to keep the groundhog out of his supply. The farmer didn’t want to hurt the animal, so he gave the groundhog a simpler option than pilfering food.

Since the groundhog liked to eat in front of the security camera, Permar decided to place his new «garden» there. He placed a cornucopia of carrots, zucchini, apples and peppers for the groundhog.

When Chunk showed up for his next meal, he found a tasty meal waiting for him. And the rodent made sure that the camera captured his entire lunch on camera.

But Chunk wasn’t the only groundhog to learn about Permar’s Groundhog Park. Eventually, the whole family joined in to eat their meals in front of the gardener’s security camera.

Groundhog steals farmer’s crop and eats it in front of his security camera

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