He faces backlash for tattooing children until his reasons are revealed: that’s interesting to read

In 2016, a young tattoo artist called Benjamin Lloyd became an internet sensation.

The man from Auckland, New Zealand, shared a photograph on Facebook of a young boy covered in tattoos.

He had completed a complete series on the boy representing roses and skulls, half of which were hidden on his chest.

Benjamin commented on his post by writing that no other activity brings him so much pleasure than making a toddler happy with an individual tattoo.

Then, the artist continued to share photos of the tattooed children. For such a gesture, Benjamin received a lot of comments that criticized him for tattooing children, because several Internet users did not approve of his approach.

“Is there any need to damage the bodies of the little ones? », wrote the users. But for the artist, the smiles and joy of the little ones were worth more than the opinions of others.

Then, Benjamin Lloyd revealed his secret. He explained to Internet users that these images on the children’s bodies were ephemeral, since they were not real tattoos, but airbrush drawings.

Benjamin wanted to decorate children’s lives by making it brighter and joyful.

However, some Internet users still judged these paintings too. One man wrote that any image on a child’s body, whether it’s a real tattoo or an airbrush drawing, is sickening.

But there were many followers who found Lloyd’s idea very original, especially when they learned that the designs were non-permanent.

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