He was thrown into the street and he hid behind the sheds, defending himself from other dogs

There was a happy time when this wonderful golden retriever had its own home and owners who seemed to love him.However, then Goldie abruptly stoped to be needed and the owners didn’t find anything better than to get rid of him, simply throwing him out into the street.

The domestic dog wasn’t adapted to the harsh conditions of survival on the street and it was very difficult for him. The dogs of the area reacted aggressively to him and attacked him, biting painfully. And then Goldie found an abandoned barn, where and behind which he huddled.

It was there that the control service discovered him and spent a lot of effort to get him out of there, as the dog was scared and stopped trusting people. But he was nevertheless pulled out and taken to the clinic. Months of treatment lay ahead, treating both his physical condition and his depression.

There was a time when it felt like Goldie would never trust a man again. But some period later, the efforts of his guardians produced results and the animal was ready to be transferred to another family. He was looking for owners for a very long time and this day has come.

They were young guys and girls who have been volunteers. They were looking for a golden retriever and, having met him, they realized that it was love at first sight. The dog’s new name is Dakota and she just loves her new owners and also made friends with another dog in the family.

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