Hedgehogs lost their mother and refused to eat..Then people decided to try their luck with a cat

Lawnmower took the life of a hedgehog. The animal hid in the grass and during the work they simply did not notice it.The workers saw its kids, who were not far from their mother. The hedgehogs were born recently and could not survive on their own.So the workers turned to specialists who took the kids under their care.

Volunteers who took care of the hedgehogs could not feed the animals.They refused to eat both through a pipette and using any other method that people tried. The kids quickly lost strength, the situation was quickly approaching critical.

One of the volunteers decided to try out an unusual method: to entrust the hedgehogs to the care of the cat Musya, who recently became a mother. The chance that the cat would accept hedgehogs and feed them was very small and no one believed in the success of this venture.But it turned out that the cat’s maternal instinct is so strong that she did not even pay attention to the unusual appearance of the babies.

Carefully sniffing each hedgehog, Musya lay down next to them on her side, and the hedgehogs, smelling the smell of milk, immediately began to eat. The babies began to explore their new mother, crawling over her. The cat even tried to wash her new babies, although nothing good came of it.

Musya took care of the hedgehogs, she protected them and fed them.So the kids began to grow and get better quickly. The cat was able to help when the experts were powerless. When the hedgehogs became large enough and quite independent, they moved to live in a zoo.

The story of a cat who decided to help orphaned babies who were completely different from her kittens, but needed her care and attention, became widely known. Such a strong maternal instinct can only delight.

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