Humanity and determination: a dog fell on the subway tracks

The event that took place in the Moscow metro once again confirms that even in our challenging times, people remain humane.

Suddenly, a homeless dog appeared in the metro. It roamed the platform, perhaps searching for a specific person or an exit. Eventually, during its wandering, the animal slipped and fell right onto the tracks.

A crowd gathered at the station, all waiting for the train that was expected to arrive at any moment. Some women began to cry. It seemed like the animal would perish right before their eyes.

Someone called the police, and Vladislav Potatyev, who happened to be on duty at the time, arrived at the scene. The man immediately jumped onto the tracks and quickly lifted the dog back onto the platform. All these rescue actions took only a few seconds.

After the incident, the police officer explained that he would have saved the animal even if he were an ordinary passerby, not on duty.

Due to the quick decision and brave actions of the young man, the dog survived, and the witnesses of the incident were spared from psychological trauma.

People had already lost hope for a favorable outcome, but the decisive and compassionate actions of the police officer now serve as an example and restore faith in humanity.

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