«I can’t do it any other way»: decided to sell the car to save his dog friend.

Randy Ester and his dog, nicknamed Twins, were inseparable companions for two years. Their relationship began when Randy adopted a two-month-old puppy into his home. But this friendship could have unexpectedly come to an end.

One day, Twins started feeling very unwell: he was just lying down and refusing to eat. The situation worsened when he started vomiting. Randy immediately took him to the veterinarian.

After the initial examination, the vet couldn’t determine the cause of the illness and sent them back home with recommendations. However, Twins’ condition didn’t improve, and it was decided to do an X-ray.

The X-rays revealed a foreign object in Twins’ stomach — a rubber nipple from a baby bottle. Surgical intervention was required to remove it, with a cost of $4,500. By this time, Randy had lost his job, as he was completely consumed by taking care of his friend. But he didn’t regret losing his job: Twins’ well-being was his greater concern.

Randy decisively sold his car, believing that his furry friend’s health was more important. His closest friend, upon learning about the situation, contributed $2,000 for the operation, but it wasn’t enough.

However, upon learning about the problem, many kind-hearted people and a charitable organization raised the remaining $3,000. Twins was successfully operated on.

Now the dog is on the path to recovery and is under the care of his devoted owner. Randy expressed his gratitude to everyone who participated in saving his friend, writing on social media, «He’s my irreplaceable friend, and I was obligated to do everything I could to help him.»

He also emphasized that «kindness in the world is still alive,» and that’s wonderful.

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