If you can find the differences in 13 seconds, you have excellent powers of observation.

Finally, with the arrival of the summer season, the opportunities to indulge in moments of pure and healthy leisure increase for everyone.

The hectic rhythms of life slow down, loosen their grip, and grant us more free time to devote to enjoyable hobbies.

In this regard, the new forms of virtual entertainment, which have become very popular in recent years, seem to play a leading role.

These are what we call «visual tests,» a broad and varied set of challenges, quizzes, and exercises of different kinds with which a large number of users like to engage to test their mental abilities.

In today’s article, we would like to draw your attention to a visual test that falls into the category of spot the difference games.

The user will be tasked with identifying the 3 differences between the 2 images presented within a limited time frame.

Visual tests thus represent a source of enjoyable and popular entertainment, capable not only of entertaining the mind but also subjecting it to a form of training that is fitting and useful.

Logical-intuitive tests aim, in fact, to stimulate and improve players’ concentration and reasoning processes.

Among such challenges, one can distinguish, for example, visual puzzles and riddles, mathematical puzzles, optical illusions, and spot the difference games.

Most of them are characterized by an additional and specific element: the limited time available to complete the examination.

Returning to our visual test, as mentioned, it involves the user’s attempt to identify the 3 differences in the 2 images.

They appear identical at first glance: depicting a rabbit in a carrot garden.

The time allotted for the successful completion of the test is quite restricted: only 13 seconds.

So, you’ll need to concentrate well and sharpen your vision, not neglecting any detail present in the two illustrations.

That said, we’ll now leave it to you to take the test and wish you a good time!

So, did you succeed in your attempt? Did you spot the three differences between the two illustrations in just 13 seconds?

In case of an affirmative answer, our heartfelt congratulations!

You have undoubtedly demonstrated excellent observational skills.

If not, don’t worry: there will surely be many more opportunities to take on new challenges and test your undeniable intellectual qualities.

Above, we provide the image containing the solution to the visual test.

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