«If you have eagle eyes, find its lover now!»

«The image depicts a girl with wings, a visual puzzle where not everyone will know where her lover is.

In an unusual approach, we not only present the puzzle but also provide the correct answer further in the article to enhance the intrigue of its resolution.

Examining the puzzle, one observes the silhouette of a young girl, likely a fictional character, adorned with wings in a forest setting. The question arises: Why is she alone in the woods?

Contrary to appearances, the young girl is not alone; a young man accompanies her in the photo.

The challenge is to locate this hidden boy, the one who is in love with the lady.

Readers are encouraged to share their answers in the comments before checking the correct solution provided later in the article.

The anticipation lies in testing one’s skills and attempting to solve the puzzle independently.

As promised, the correct answer is revealed later.

The attentive observer would notice the man hidden behind the young woman.

His silhouette is outlined at the lady’s feet, cleverly concealed behind her back.»

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