In Germany, huts were built to help homeless people overcome the winter cold

A town in southern Germany called Ulm located 120 kilometers from Munich had a creative idea to build “sleep capsules”.

This project is far from being an alternative to shelters. These are small habitats for homeless men that can be used in an emergency.

Unfortunately, all over the world there are people who are homeless and cannot even rent an apartment.

These people cannot face the challenges of daily life alone. To help them, you need above all compassion and love.

As reported by the British newspaper the BBC, these futuristic-style capsules are there to save lives and many homeless people can benefit from a roof over their heads during the cold of the harsh winter.

According to the BBC, the idea of ​​building such cabins was born in 2018. Ultimately, we managed to materialize it and six entrepreneurs took this initiative by investing in it.

These very small houses have thermal insulation to protect everyone who shelters there from the cold. Solar panels were installed there to save energy.

Although there are no surveillance cameras, volunteers from Caritas Ulm-Alb-Donau carry out checks to ensure that all is well with the people sheltering in these shelters.

If the results are convincing, the booths will be installed throughout the country and this plan could work around the world too.

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