In the middle of a deserted road, the children saw a box. Inside was a frightened and emaciated animal

The boys were walking along the street and suddenly noticed an unusual cardboard box and decided to see what was there. It turned out that some nonhuman deliberately put the dog there and left it alone.

The children took a photo of the puppy and sent it to the city shelter, asking for help. Volunteers reacted quickly by coming for the dog. The first thing they did was take her to the vet for a checkup. To my great joy, she was absolutely healthy, only now she looked very frightened.

Very quickly they managed to find overexposure for the puppy and this was the beginning of a new life for her. The animal, feeling safe, feeling the love and care of a person, literally blossomed, became affectionate and playful.

The owners named her Joris. She was taken for walks along the beach, played in the yard, which she simply adored. It soon became clear that Joris had already recovered from the stress and was sufficiently socialized.

Now the dog is waiting for his new, already permanent loving family. She is very attracted to people, and gets along best with children and other dogs. We really hope that kind people who are ready to take Joris into their home, love and take care of her will be found very soon.

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