In the reserve were born four very rare white lion cubs. All babies are healthy

As a result of a genetic mutation, these lion cubs were born with an incredible snow-white color.

The name of this mutation is leukism and it causes changes in coat color. It resembles albinism, but in a milder form, since the shade of the eyes and lips does not change.

Now only 13 white lions remain in the wild, and about three hundred live in zoos. Many wonder what is the probability of survival of these charming wild kittens, who were born all four with this unique feature, which is almost impossible.

As expected, all the network users were delighted of these crumbs as soon as their pictures were published. Note that all four lion cubs are boys and their health is excellent.

But white lions aren’t a separate biological species and formally they can’t be classified as endangered species.So the legislation does not protect them in any way.

They are simply classified as vulnerable species, they are often targeted by poachers or illegal traders, so work is underway to protect them and their sale is under strict limitations.

Now scientists are studying the genetics of the white lion so that this rare and incredibly beautiful feature can be inherited.

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