In this image, there is a peculiar oddity. Discover the error within 20 seconds

«Today’s visual challenge puts your powers of observation and your ability to notice details to the test. In the image below, there’s a curious oddity that makes the scene bizarre.

Your skill lies in spotting the error in the photo. If you can solve the puzzle in 20 seconds, it means you have a high level of attention and a sharp, reactive mind.

Dedicating a few minutes of your day to visual quizzes and puzzles is a good method to keep your mind sharp and your brain always ready to react to stimuli. Being able to solve problems quickly is a quality that brings benefits in everyday life. And by practicing with challenges and intelligence tests, you will surely enhance your potential.

Regarding today’s challenge, you’ll need to be good at identifying the curious oddity in the image. If you can figure out what it is in no more than 20 seconds, you truly have a skillful and brilliant mind. Surely, previous training will be crucial to quickly spot the error.

Did you find the error in today’s scene? If you understood what it was, we congratulate you. You have a keen eye for detail. If you have no idea what the error could be, or if time has run out, it’s time to reveal the solution to today’s amusing visual challenge.

Solution: Here’s the oddity present in this scene

As you can see in the visual challenge scene, it’s clearly raining. There are puddles on the ground, and the woman about to board the bus is holding an open umbrella. The oddity in the photo is that the vehicle doesn’t have windshield wipers. They should have been activated for safe driving, but they are missing.

How many of you noticed this?

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