Incredible spectacle.A family of wolves posing for the camera

These pictures were taken in the wolf protection center. It is very funny to watch a family of wolves lined up in front of the camera and posing with pleasure.

The pictures were taken at the Wolf Conservation Center, a unique organization that provides these wonderful animals, especially their endangered species, with the conditions for a comfortable life and protection.

Wolves are very social animals that live in surprisingly well-organized packs and family units.

An organization such as the Wolf Protection Center even cooperates with the state and many animal protection organizations.

They provide wolves with many benefits, such as providing information for predators to hunt, defending territory, helping with nursing and raising cubs, and much more.

The parents of this particular family are a pair of wolf Rosa and wolf Alleno, and there are 11 members in the family. Note that they are considered monogamous wildlife and most often choose one partner for life — amazing, isn’t it? Amazing and admirable

All nine wolf cubs were born in the spring of 2018. They were endangered species and are under special protection.

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