It was simply impossible to remain indifferent to these cute orphaned babies

In the American Indianapolis, right in the middle of the street, they noticed four tiny lumps huddled in a nook, which, probably, lost their mother. In any case, the mother-nurse was nowhere to be seen, and the kids squealed and asked to help them.

People could not leave these fluffies in trouble and turned to the animal rescue service. They promptly arrived at the place, seeing how the kids clung to each other, they wanted to somehow warm up. In addition, they were very hungry.

Veterinarians determined their age, the babies were about three weeks old, but they had already caught some diseases and needed treatment.

The treatment went quickly and the kids grew and grew stronger very soon. They were given medicines and did leg exercises, and their appetite was just great.

When the kittens get older, the shelter staff will find caring owners for them. At the moment, the kittens are together and enjoy each other’s company.

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