It’s not every day you see what’s going on in a bear family, but the photographer was lucky

Physical education teacher Valter Mulkahainen from Sotkamo, Finland devotes a lot of his free time to photography. For the past six years, a man has been filming the nature of his native country, and truly magical moments very often fall into his shot. And this story is about one of them.

In 2013, Valter went to explore the Finnish taiga near the town of Martinselkonen. It was then that he saw a glade in which a bear with her cubs was walking around.

The animals behaved like little children. They played with each other all the time and even started small fights. It seemed to the photographer that he wasn’t in the taiga, but on the playground, where children frolic.

At some point, the cubs stood on their hind legs and began to push each other, and from the side it looked like they were dancing. They danced.

Walter photographed animals all day and all night. It was simply impossible to miss such a wonderful opportunity.

Bears in Finland can be found almost everywhere, except for the Åland Islands. These animals are very agile and hardy. They use their front legs for both hunting and locomotion. Few people know, but the animals are excellent swimmers and skillfully climb various hills.

Of course, the photographer is incredibly lucky to meet a whole family of bears and be able to observe their lives without attention. He was lucky to get clear pictures of animals and this is really an unheard of luck, since bears avoid human society. But Walter took a very convenient observation post.

In fact, people rarely see bears in their natural habitat.Cautious animals hide immediately, as soon as they realize that they have been noticed. They have been perfecting this kind of «hidden» game for years.

Thanks to the efforts of the photographer, we also managed to admire the wonderful bear cubs. Agree, they are not much different from human babies.They are just as cute and always ready to play.

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