Kitty Lana will be on the street in a few days. The expected miracle did not happen

This kitty was found in one of the garages and was hiding there in a pile of old things. In the same garage, three more young cats survived the frosty winters.

It was very cold inside, but still better than in the snow, and the purrs themselves were very frightened and completely lost confidence in people, and they did not have the skills to survive on their own.

Lana was the only cat-girl among the inhabitants of the city. She is incredibly pretty, although she seems angry in appearance, but this is from fear and shyness.

In addition, she is young and, if you treat her well, she may well allow herself to be stroked. In a family with caring owners, she will show herself completely differently and become very kind and sweet.

But, unfortunately, the owners for Lana could not be found.And she will be destined for a sad fate that awaits all homeless pets who haven’t found the warmth of a home.

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