Krasnoyarsk shift workers rescued an orphaned teddy bear and he became very attached to them

There is Bolshevik Island on the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago and it was there that shift workers found this polar bear cub, which wandered all alone in the vicinity of the base in search of food.

The baby’s mother passed away and alone, the bear had no chance of surviving. The workers fed the bear cub and very soon he became completely tame.

A friendly polar bear cub

He lived with the workers for several months, lived with the people and adapted to them. He had the typical habits of a domestic dog, rushed around the base, played and ran, happily climbed into the arms of the workers. But at the same time, the shift workers realized that over time the baby would grow up, and they would be forced to go back home, and he would be left alone.

After thinking it over, the workers turned to specialists in Krasnoyarsk. They shared that after learning that the workers would leave soon and he didn’t have a mother, and that he was able to survive with the help of people, there was a high probability that one bear would no longer survive.

When another team of shift workers went, the bear cub wasn’t found. They were worried that he did not survive, however, the beast went to another base. He was emaciated and dirty but most importantly, he survived. But he could no longer live in the wild and became completely domestic.

A friendly polar bear cub

Then they decided to send him to the zoo in Moscow, at least temporarily, which was done.

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