«Let’s determine your psychological age; how many dogs do you see in the photo?»

«Let’s determine your psychological age; how many dogs do you see in the photo?

Our psychological age can differ from our biological age.

Moreover, too much dissonance may not have an optimal impact on your personality. And if this gap isn’t significant, on the contrary, it can play perfectly in your favor.

No wonder they say everything is good in moderation. You can use this test to determine your mental age. It reads the subconscious very closely. Look at this picture and count how many dogs you have found here.

4 dogs: Your mental age is 15 to 20 years! You think life should be more manageable. You love creativity, fun, and everything that animates you. You are also characterized by creativity, the ability to find common ground with people, and an endless desire to travel. This approach will make you a happy person!

5 dogs: Your mental age is 25-30 years! At this stage of your life, you already have serious adult problems. Yet, you still love to have fun! You are a simple person who enjoys life. So, don’t try to make it too complicated.

6 dogs: Your mental age is 30 to 40 years! You may seem a bit old-fashioned to the people around you. You have a stable life and job. Always think carefully about your actions before making spontaneous decisions. Moreover, you have a calm personality, a mature outlook on life, and are likely to succeed.

7 dogs: Your mental age is 10 to 15 years! You see the world through rose-colored glasses because that very naive child still lives in your heart. I know.»

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