Meet Jonathan, the 189-year-old tortoise photographed in 1886 and today

Humans live longer than most animals. However, turtles are one of the few exceptions to this rule. Incredibly, these reptiles can live up to several centuries. And we will just introduce you to Jonathan, who is almost two hundred years old.

Jonathan, the 187-year-old giant tortoise, is currently the world’s oldest land animal. Jonathan was born in 1832 in Saint Helena, Seychelles and currently lives in the Plantation House with the Governor.

More than a century ago, scientists first managed to photograph this reptile. Jonathan was first photographed in 1886. The fact that years have passed without changing his appearance is really amazing. It goes without saying that the turtle in this photo was at least 54 years old.

Jonathan is still a child at heart, and he shows it with his habits and behavior. However, despite all this, doctors note signs of aging. It is said that he loses the ability to see, as well as his sense of smell.

To maintain his physique, Jonathan follows a strict diet. Dr. Hollins supplements his diet with more high-calorie foods once a week because he can no longer eat enough grass on his own.

It is amazing to see Jonathan’s 1902 photograph next to his current portrait.

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