Old Dick had a hard life until he met true friends

Previously, the dog Dick had his own place on the territory of a small cafe, where he was fed and he guarded the establishment at night. Once he had a house where he lived for five whole years. However, the owners left and didn’t even bother to attach it.

They got a German Shepherd, and no one needed a mongrel. And the dog began to wander in search of food and every day it turned into a real struggle for survival. Like all mongrels, she hung around at the garbage dump, where she got food and sheltered from the cold.

The dog was incredibly kind, affectionate and friendly. Grandfather Pavlovich worked at the dump, and he took him in. In such conditions, the dog fell ill and his grandfather took him to the vet. The animal had a gastrointestinal tract infection.

Immediately after treatment and good nutrition according to the regime, Dick became a real healthy handsome man and became very attached to his master. They went everywhere together, loved to fish and go to the forest for mushrooms, and for three years they were the happiest in my life.

However, one day the best friend was gone and it was time to wander the streets again for Dick. However, this time he was lucky. The cafe staff noticed the dog and attached  to him. It is a great joy that the glorious dog wasn’t left without a roof over his head.

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