«Only 5% manage to find the mistake in this image!»

«An engaging image awaits you to test your attention: will you be able to identify the mistake made by the artist?

Within our editorial team, only two people managed to solve this puzzle in one minute.

Now it’s your turn to check your observational skills.

Even though humans and robots differ significantly, our ability to make mistakes is a common trait.

Similar to the unintentional errors we all encounter, an English artist aiming to depict a typical 1960s businessman inadvertently included a mistake in this illustration.

An attentive reader of the magazine where the image was published noticed this error, turning the illustration into an unexpected visual puzzle.

Now, the challenge extends to you. Can you examine the details and identify what is wrong in the photo? This task requires not only your eyes but also your logical thinking.

If the challenge seems daunting, the answer awaits below the image.

However, try not to give in too quickly; invest a little more time in the task.


To successfully solve this puzzle, your eyes and your brain must come into play.

The mistake lies in the man’s jacket pocket.

Typically, on men’s suits, the pocket is positioned on the left side.

However, in this case, it’s on the right side.

Could you spot the error? How long did it take you to solve this puzzle?

Share your thoughts in the comments.»

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