Only a skilled observer finds hidden faces in just 20 seconds.

Every day, our eyes are put to the test by a multitude of challenges, some simple, others less so. In both situations, our eyes are forced to surpass their limits.

And when this happens, we must be ready to face the challenges. This is possible by always training our visual abilities through visual tests. Today, we propose one of these tests to you. Only a skilled observer finds hidden faces in just 20 seconds.

In a moment, we will show you an image where three faces are hidden inside. You have only 20 seconds to find them and declare yourselves true visual test geniuses. When you are ready, we can start with this visual test. Set your timers and let’s begin this fun challenge.

As you can see, there are two girls playing on the beach, having a great time. Amidst this beautiful scene, there are hidden faces, three to be precise. Sharpen your vision and try to find them in just 20 seconds.

Visual tests are excellent training for our vision and our brain. In fact, our brain must keep up with our eyes in identifying the object of the test. Thanks to these tests, our brain can work productively and optimally, thus our abilities can improve. Even if you don’t pass these tests, you can always continue to try with other challenges.

The 20 seconds available have elapsed, and we have now reached the much-awaited moment for all of you. We are about to reveal the solution to this visual test that has been driving the web crazy. There were 3 hidden faces in the image, and now we will reveal where they are.

Here are the three hidden faces, circled in white. If you found them in just 20 seconds, congratulations, you are truly skilled observers. But if you couldn’t overcome this challenge, don’t worry, you can always try other tests like this one.

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