Only people with sharp eyesight can notice this: you have only 8 seconds to find the umbrella in the image

The umbrella is in an unusual place in the dining room. Your mission is to find it within 8 seconds to pass the challenge. If there’s a visual problem that’s nearly impossible to overcome, it’s undoubtedly the one I’m presenting to you today.

In this task, you have only 8 seconds to find the umbrella shown in the image below. Getting distracted is not the best idea. Concentration is necessary.

Due to its high level of difficulty, some internet users continue to complain about this test on social media. It truly caused quite a surprise. No one expected finding the umbrella to be so difficult. That’s why I’m telling you that the key to success is paying close attention to details.

Judging by the visual task image, there are several people in the dining room. One of them went to the specified location with the umbrella. You need to find this object within 8 seconds so you can say, «I did it.» Be prepared before you start searching! You already know that you shouldn’t get distracted.

Puzzle Solution:

Didn’t find it? Losing is also part of the game, so chin up.

Don’t let it get you down.

If you want to know where exactly the umbrella is, take a look at the image below.

Did you enjoy this optical puzzle? Congratulations if you managed to solve this task. And if not, I encourage you to keep trying exercises like this.

Optical puzzles allow you to have fun in a healthy way. Some involve finding mistakes, a person, an animal, an object, or a word in an image. Others may ask you to determine the exact number of geometric shapes in an illustration.

Sometimes, there’s a time limit. In other words, you need to solve them quickly. They’re also known as visual tasks, visual tests, visual or logical puzzles.

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