Only those with a sharp eye can detect the differences in the images

Be ready for a tsunami! You need to quickly solve this puzzle in 10 seconds to avoid big waves.

Be attentive: there’s a child on the beach who is asking for help and looks very scared seeing the high waves. If you want to protect yourself and save the child on the beach, you should hurry up to solve this puzzle.

This puzzle, like others, includes an IQ test where you simply need to find hidden differences.

In this picture, there are only three hidden differences that you need to quickly find. To avoid the tsunami, you have only 10 seconds to pass this picture IQ test.

What are you waiting for, hurry up and do it now!

Be attentive, try to use eagle eyes to quickly find the difference.

If you look at this at first glance, these two images have no differences.

Nevertheless, try to take another look at the beach and the frightened child on the beach.

3, 2, 1…

STOP! Unfortunately, your time is up.

How did you manage to find all the differences? Alright, you can adjust the answers you found using the correct answer below.

The three differences lie in the details: the collars of the children’s shirts, the waves, and the steps.

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