Optical illusion: find the child’s mother in 11 seconds and prove you’re a genius!

Today, we have a fun pastime that will really make you scratch your head.

In the image below, there is a child. But somewhere, the mother is hiding.

If you manage to solve the optical illusion in just 11 seconds, you are truly a genius.

This visual test has challenged thousands of people. Finding her is not easy at all.

Observe meticulously and be attentive: in addition to the clearly visible child in the image, we assure you that somewhere there is the figure of the mother.

Solve the visual puzzle in just 11 seconds, and you can consider yourself a true quiz expert.

The photo has become popular on social media, and most people have struggled to solve the test.

The more you practice, the more chances you have to solve the game.

You must be mentally fit to identify where the mother is.

Of course, don’t expect to find her silhouette in a conventional pose. Try to understand how she could have been drawn.

The available time is, however, very limited. 11 seconds pass quickly, and if you haven’t found the mother within the specified time, the test will not be considered valid.

The only way to improve your skills is to continue training and stimulating your brain with logical quizzes and always new visual challenges.

If you have solved today’s optical illusion, congratulations.

You have truly exceptional vision and remarkable mental flexibility.

If not, don’t be discouraged and keep practicing with new skill games.

To find the mother of the child, it was necessary to change perspective.

The image had to be rotated by 90 degrees to find her silhouette.

The profile of a woman stands out clearly.

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