Optical illusion: if you find the camel rider in 20 seconds, you have a brilliant mind.

Engage in a new mind quiz aimed at stimulating your intellectual abilities. Solve the visual test below and find the solution in just 20 seconds. The goal of the game is to find the camel rider. In the image, you can clearly see the depiction of a camel, but hidden somewhere is also its rider. Where is it? Don’t dwell on the first image you see but try to look beyond appearances.

Find the camel rider

Engaging in skill games and logic quizzes helps keep the brain alert and active. The reasoning behind these challenges stimulates the mind to remain sharp and ready to solve various problems. These pastimes can be purely observational or concentration-based. In today’s test, it’s about carefully looking at the image and trying to spot the hidden figure.

You don’t need to reason to reach the solution but try to observe the photo as a whole. One suggestion we give you is to change your perspective and not look at the image as it presents itself. You have 20 seconds. Will you be able to find the hidden camel rider?

Find the solution

Time has passed, and you should have already seen the hidden camel rider. If you haven’t found it yet, we’ll show you the solution shortly. The 20 seconds available are not many but enough to solve today’s optical illusion.

If you haven’t managed to find it, it means you need more practice and training to stimulate your mind. Meanwhile, it’s time to discover the test solution.

Solution: Here is where the camel rider is located

The camel rider was on the opposite side of the image. Just look the other way, and you could have seen it too.

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