Parents are simply amazed: look what a two and a half month old baby is doing

Couple Tezra Finn-Johnston, 31, and Emily Derrick, 23, recently had a baby.The little girl called Lula came into the world in very good health.

Shortly after his birth, it turned out that the baby was not an ordinary child.

We know that two-month-old children are weak and cannot yet stand on their legs. But this was not the case for Lula.

According to her mother, when she was born, the little one could already keep her head straight at the age of five days.

And what a surprise! She was two and a half months old when she tried to stand.

Tezra said that one day, when the one-month-old child wouldn’t stop crying, she sat him on her lap so that he could calm down.

But the little one stood on her mother’s knees straight up, without bending her legs.

“And then she would repeat that when I tried to pick her up on my lap.

She didn’t want to sit down, but stretched out her legs to get up,” said the little girl’s mother.

And once, when Lula was in her father’s arms and she was only eight weeks old, she stood without any help.

She was able to support her own weight very easily. The child was not yet walking, but her parents were sure that their daughter would walk soon.

The mother noticed that the girl did not look like a young child.

“When I give her toys to play with, it seems to me like she’s a grown-up girl and I tell her, ‘oh, baby, don’t grow up so fast!’ “,” Tezra told the San.

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