People noticed a cat in a rain ditch cat that had just given birth

People accidentally saw a cat in the rain gutter of their house. Approaching, they noticed that the cat had recently given birth five newborn babies.

Residents of the UK were spending the day at home when they suddenly heard a strange sound coming from their bedroom window. Looking out, they saw an animal that was lying in a gutter.It turned out it was a cat. When people approached, they noticed newborn kittens next to the cat.

It turned out that the mother cat decided that this groove was ideal for the birth of her babies, and gave birth right there. The ditch was in an uncomfortable location and it was raining heavily.So the owners of the house immediately contacted the RSPCA Animal Rescue Service.

Animal rescuers, in turn, contacted several firefighters, and a large team arrived to bring the cat family. With the help of a net, they got a cat and kittens from a hard-to-reach ditch.So for this they had to climb onto the roof. But fortunately, in the end, the family was saved!

The mother cat, who received the nickname Storm was at first scared, but when she saw that all her kittens were safe, she calmed down. Now the family is in the rescue center.Everyone feels good, and caring volunteers look after them. Thank you for saving the cat family!

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