Polar bears sweetly playing with snow brought to the San Diego Zoo will warm your heart

The San Diego Zoo, as we know, is far from the most favorable climate for polar bears to live comfortably. Moreover, if you think about the fact that their existence can hardly be called the most favorable because of poachers and constant climate change.

Therefore, we can even say that the animals that got to this zoo were very lucky. They are fully provided with food, medical care and affection. Isn’t that what almost every living creature on our planet can dream about?

One day the management of the San Diego Zoo made an amazing gift for all polar bears! 26 tons of snow were delivered to its territory, which brought an incredible amount of happiness and pleasure to Kalluk, Tatkik and Chinook, the bears that live in the zoo.

They immediately started wrestling in the snow in a playful way, running, frolicking and just doing whatever they could think of. The zoo workers tried to scatter some treats for the bears, so the game even turned into a small hunt.

The workers of the zoo showed their satisfaction with what was happening. Moreover, not only the employees of the institution but also its visitors watched what was happening.

Everyone, without exception, was absolutely delighted with how happy and contented the bears were.

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