Pregnant cat thanked the girl for saving

Passers-by immediately noticed that this stray cat has a large rounded tummy. They decided to help the expectant mother and couldn’t just pass by.

This homeless cat was spotted on the streets in Belgium. Passers-by immediately saw her large rounded belly and decided to help the expectant mother. They contacted the local Kat Zoekt Thuis Rescue Center and they came to take the kitty.

Rescuers had to first wain the trust of the cat, because she was very afraid of people and constantly hid. But in the end they managed to appease her. The cat was named Iluna and sent to overexposure. In the early days, the timid mother was still afraid of everything new and it was difficult for her to trust people. She was thin, dirty and with scratches on her muzzle.

But her guardian named Ann did everything to make Iluna feel comfortable and safe. She cared for the future mother, and showed what true love is. After a few days, Iluna realized that she wouldn’t be harmed here.She began to allow her guardian to stroke herself, she wasn’t shy and interacted more with people.

Two weeks later, Iluna gave birth to kittens. According to the guardian, the birth was normal and calm.She was always next to the cat and helped her. All kittens were born healthy and charming, and Iluna turned out to be a very attentive mother.

Now mommy is happily raising her kids and they are growing up strong and active. She is very grateful to her guardian, who helped her and showed her what unconditional love is. When the time comes, permanent owners will be found for all the kids and Iluna herself.

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