Proud golden retriever dad looks at his wife and puppies

The Golden Retriever is certainly one of the most affectionate dog breeds in the world, so it’s great to have a Golden Retriever by our side that lifts our spirits when we’re down.

This incredible creature always knows exactly how to make us happy, no matter what. And when there is a whole family of golden retrievers, happiness will multiply.

If you’re looking for creatures to brighten up your day, this family of golden retrievers will melt your heart. The couple in love recently rejoiced at the birth of seven babies, and they are very proud and happy. But if we had to choose between them, it would be safe to say that dad would be the proudest being here.

After the birth of all the puppies the dog’s mother was so tired that she just wanted to take a nap and forget about everything in the world, so daddy took all the worries about her cubs.

He couldn’t wait to meet his newborn puppies. When the mother dog feeds the puppies, the new dad looks at them cheerfully and attentively from a distance. He patiently waited for them to finish so he could come and play with his kids and it looks just adorable.

This cheerful dad loves his children very much, but it seems that he loves his wife even more. The way he warmly hugs his chosen is incredibly touching.

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